July 29, 1815

29/07/2021 all-day

A balloon ascent was made from Ranelagh Gardens, Norwich, by Mr Sadler. According to the Norfolk Annals, all night long hundreds of people continued to flock into town, and at daybreak the roads were thronged with spectators. Sone hours before noon the principal avenues to the Market Place were blocked up with vehicles for which accommodation could not be found in the inn yards and horses were picketed in the streets. Lodging and accommodation at the inns was very difficult to obtain. Miss Bathurst, daughter of the Bishop of Norwich, presented the aeronaut with a banner before the ascent. The balloon rose at 3.35 and descended at 4.30pm in a field near Sprowston Hall. Among the company watching was General Money, who in 1785 had made a similar ascent and was blown out to sea, where he was rescued by the Argus Revenue cutter.