August 25, 1803

25/08/2020 all-day

Preparations commenced for the defence of Norfolk in view of possible invasion from Napoleonic France. Several officers and non-commissioned officers of the 47th Regiment of Foot arrived in Norwich to begin training the Army of Reserve in Chapel Field.

By the following day 702 men had offered themselves, the number rising to 1,085. A public subscription exceeded £3,000. On the 26th the regiment was formed, 800 strong, under Lt Col Harvey (commanding) Lt Co, Plumptre and Major Sigismund Trafford, who was later listed as among the Norfolk soldiers who fought at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. A Rifle Corps was also formed with Mr R M Bacon as captain.

At Yarmouth 500 people enrolled themselves, under the command of Lt Col William Gould. On the 27th the Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk confirmed the total number of volunteers as 7,300. The Government purchased properties in Norwich to be converted into temporary barracks for 800 infantry.