August 15, 1812

When: 15/08/2021 all-day

It was reported that smallpox had broken out in Norwich. Many children were vaccinated, and by the end of the year the[…]

August 25, 1829

When: 25/08/2021 all-day

An extraordinary wedding took place at Fakenham. The bridegroom was Thomas Hudson, aged 79, and the bride Martha Frary, aged 21. Locals[…]

August 28, 1826

When: 28/08/2021 all-day

Ten thousand people were attracted to the neighbourhood of St James’s Hill, Norwich, to witness the performances of “Signor Carlo Cram Villecrop,[…]

August 5, 1815

When: 05/08/2021 all-day

Mr Bellamy, the favourite comedian of the Norwich Company, was engaged by the managers of Covent Garden Theatre at what was described[…]

July 29, 1815

When: 29/07/2021 all-day

A balloon ascent was made from Ranelagh Gardens, Norwich, by Mr Sadler. According to the Norfolk Annals, all night long hundreds of[…]

July 21, 1821

When: 21/07/2021 all-day

Norwich, in common with the cities and towns of the kingdom generally, celebrated the Coronation Day of King George IV. The Mayor[…]

August 16 1578

When: 16/08/2020 all-day

Queen Elizabeth I visited the city of Norwich. It was a grand affair. The Queen had left London in mid-July on that[…]

August 9, 1848

When: 09/08/2020 all-day

Captain Frederick Marryat died at Langham in Norfolk. He was a former Royal Navy officer, born in 1792, who had a distinguished[…]

August 25, 1803

When: 25/08/2020 all-day

Preparations commenced for the defence of Norfolk in view of possible invasion from Napoleonic France. Several officers and non-commissioned officers of the[…]

August 30, 1842

When: 30/08/2020 all-day

The Royal squadron accompanying the Queen on her voyage to Scotland passed Yarmouth at 5am. On the return of her Majesty, on[…]