Anglian Annals

Anglian Annals by Peter SargentCome on a whistle stop tour of East Anglian history.

Author Peter Sargent presents 50 more short stories guaranteed to both entertain and inform.

We’ll delve into folklore and legend, learning the penalties of upsetting will o’ the wisps, why it was best to stay on the good side of demonic Norfolk eccentric Sir Berney Brograve, and enjoy the return of the saints at Ranworth.

Moving through the Middle Ages, we’ll find out what made Yarmouth great and why some of Norfolk’s ports are now inland. We’ll travel to Cambridgeshire to a church that’s truly on the side of the angels.

Into the Tudor and Stuart period, we ask is Bishy Barnabee – aka Dereham’s Bishop Edmund Bonner – deserves his murderous reputation, and consider the daring career of the Duchess of Suffolk.

In Georgian Norfolk we take a walk on the wild side with a mysterious boy from Germany, while raising a glass of (untaxed) rum to the east coast’s dangerous smugglers at King’s Lynn.

Moving into the 1800s, we’ll spend a day at the Norfolk races, while lamenting the last days of camping.

This is the author’s third book in his series of short historical stories, many of which first appeared in the pages of the Eastern Daily Press newspaper. It follows on from A Moment in Time (2017) and A Place in History (2018).

Anglian Annals was published by Paul Dickson Books in September, 2019. Price £12 – order your copy today!